Internships: Interested Students

We ask the following:

  1. The project work plan is well-defined in advance of registration deadlines and be acceptable to the student, faculty supervisor, internship mentor, and internship coordinator.
  2. A mid-semester report is provided to the faculty supervisor by the internship mentor (may submit the Mid-Term Internship Mentor Feedback Form).
  3. An end-of-term paper (formal paper, at least 1000 words in length, APA format) submitted to your faculty supervisor.
  4. An End-Term Internship Mentor Feedback Form from the internship mentor.
  5. A written log book of hours worked submitted to your faculty supervisor at end-of-term.
  6. 3 credits – 100 hours minimum of documented work.
  7. 4 credits – 120 hours minimum of documented work.
  8. Internships will be unpaid. Your regular workplace cannot also serve as an internship.
  9. Junior or Senior status and completed course work appropriate to the project as determined by the faculty supervisor and internship mentor.
  10. Prerequisite preferences: GPA 3.0
  11. Evaluation of the intern’s work is executed by the faculty supervisor in consultation with the internship mentor.

Okay, so what do I do exactly?

  1. Select your faculty supervisor. You may have someone in mind, if not, contact the Department Chair for suggestions. The department cannot guarantee access to any internship, but we will try to help you get placed at an appropriate site.
  2. Choose your internship site. Much of the responsibility of finding an internship site is the student’s. You may find an internship site that students have interned at in the past or you may establish an internship at a new site that better fits your needs. You may find potential internship site contact information as well as established internship sites here: Psychology Internship Site Resource Page.
  3. Meet with your faculty supervisor to discuss your internship site selection before you contact your potential internship site. Your faculty supervisor will evaluate the appropriateness of your selection and provide guidance in contacting internship sites.

If you select an established internship site, approved by your faculty supervisor, you will need to:

  1. Contact your internship site to determine position availability and mentor availability
  2. If a position and mentor are available your faculty supervisor will provide you with a internship mentor contract, you will complete this form with your internship mentor
  3. Upon completion of the internship mentor contract you will complete an internship individualized instruction contract with your faculty supervisor

If you select an internship site that has not been established, and if approved by your faculty supervisor, you will need to:

  1. Contact your proposed internship site to arrange a meeting between you and a potential mentor
  2. Obtain an internship site application from your faculty supervisor or via this link Internship Site Application
  3. Take the application form to your proposed internship mentor for review and completion
  4. Return the internship application to your faculty supervisor for approval
  5. If approved, your faculty supervisor will provide you with an internship mentor contract
  6. Return to your now approved internship site and complete the internship mentor contract with your internship mentor
  7. Complete an internship individualized instruction contract with your faculty supervisor