Marie Wilson Howells’ Graduating Senior Award Recipients

Taylor Allen

My time as a UA Little Rock student was rewarding to say the least. Not only did I learn a lot from my classes, but I also learned so much about myself throughout this journey. One of my favorite memories would have to be my freshman year when I lived in West Hall. I probably spent more hours in the study room than I did sleeping, but I met some of my closest friends that year. I also loved every minute of being a CLC scholar and learning what it takes to be a good leader. Another memorable time was being inducted into the International Honor Society in Psychology. Being a psychology major has led me to the greatest professors and education that I could have received. I was very scared going into college as a first-generation student but I learned that my professors wanted me to succeed just as much as I did. I cannot explain in words the gratitude that I have for the department of Psychology and its faculty. With the knowledge that I have gained and their endless support, I am now prepared for what the future brings. Even though my time here is ending, I will always be a proud UA Little Rock Trojan.

Julieta Dalmazzo

I am honored to be graduating from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and to have received this award. This is especially an honor for me because I have never had much confidence in my abilities, as far as academics are concerned, until I started school here. I worked hard, had encouragement from those around me, and was motivated to push forward. There were hard times during the semesters in which I was not confident in my own abilities, but I have had wonderful people around me that kept me motivated and believed in me. The teachers here also helped me in trying to better my work and provided the tools that I would need in the future. A phrase that I remember being said, during an internship that I had for one of my classes, was that one’s stumbles in life are opportunities to learn not only for one’s life but in order to help those in the future. It took me a very long road to get to this point of my life and sometimes you need to stumble and fall, but as a future psychologist I can take all of those lessons and apply them in helping those that may be in similar situations. Life is always teaching you something, one just needs to be able to learn from it. This school has taught me a lot, not just about my major and minor, but about myself and gave me the confidence I needed.