Administrative Team

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Summer Laureate Administrative Team

Dr. Ann Robinson
Mahony Center Founding Director

Dr. Christine Deitz
Program Director
Mahony Center Associate Director

Dr. Monica Meadows
Program Principal

Sandra Fountain
Assistant Principal

Susan Jackson
Materials Manager

Keila Moreno Navarrete
Assistant Administrator

Keila Moreno Navarrete, originally from Mexico City, received her B.A. in teaching English as a foreign language in her home country. In 2015, she moved to Little Rock to complete her M.A. in Gifted Education from UA Little Rock. She is currently a dedicated graduated assistant at the Jodie Mahony Center, and has begun her journey towards a doctorate degree. The 2016 recipient of the NAGC Master’s and Specialist Award finds joy in photography, traveling the world, participating in the international community in Little Rock, and cultivating empathy in students. She is elated for the opportunity of bringing her travel experiences and global awareness into the SLUFY classroom.