Master of Social Work/Juris Doctor Concurrent Degree

The Master of Social Work/Juris Doctor concurrent degree program is offered with the UA Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law. Students enrolled in the concurrent MSW/JD program shall use specified courses to earn cross-credits to be applied toward both degrees.

How to Apply

Students must obtain admission to both programs to receive cross-credit. To learn more about Bowen School of Law’s admission procedures and requirements, visit their Admissions page.

Current MSW program students may enter the concurrent program by gaining admission to the UA Little Rock School of Law and submitting a completed Declaration of Intent to Pursue Joint Degrees form to each program before completing the MSW. Students are not considered enrolled in the concurrent program until both programs receive a copy of the completed form. Students currently pursuing a JD must apply for admission to the MSW program before receiving the JD.

To obtain maximum benefit for cross-credits, students should apply for the MSW program and UA Little Rock School of Law at the same time.

Once students are admitted to both programs and the concurrent degree forms are on file in both offices, cross-credit for courses is earned based on the following conditions: a minimum grade of B in LAW courses Diversity and Oppression and Social Welfare Policy and a minimum grade of C in LAW 6331 or Law 6270 and LAW 6329 or LAW 6338 program cross-credit courses (up to 12 hours) while maintaining a 3.0 cumulative GPA in courses counted for the MSW degree.

MSW/JD Concurrent Degree Plan

MSW Courses Approved for Credit in the JD Program

  • SOWK 7301 Foundations of Social Work Practice I
  • SOWK 7331 Foundations of Social Work Practice III
  • SOWK 8305 Management and Community Practice I
  • SOWK 8306 Management and Community Practice II

JD Courses Approved for Credit in the MSW Program

  • LAW 6390 Diversity and Oppression
  • LAW 6350 Social Welfare Policy
  • LAW 6338 Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • LAW 6329 Mediation Seminar
  • LAW 6331 Family Law
  • LAW 6270 Juvenile Law

Download the Academic Advising Certification Form for the MSW/JD Program (PDF)