Cell Phone Policy

If your cell phone rings during testing, you will be asked to leave your exam and turn your phone off. Your test time will continue to count downIt is recommended that you turn your cell phone off prior to entering the test area.

Bringing electronic devices to the testing room is not allowed. Phones, pagers, beeping watches, and other devices can make noise that distract you and other examinees.

Some electronic devices can also be used to communicate with others, and to take pictures, or scan test materials.

Due to these issues with distraction and security, we do not permit you to take any electronic devices (including cell phones and pagers) into the testing rooms. We encourage you not to bring these items. If you bring them, we will ask you to turn them completely off (not silent or vibrate) and store them in a locker. You will not be permitted to take them into the test room, even if the devices are turned off.

If you are hesitant to leave your phones, pagers, etc. in our locker, your best bet is NOT to bring such items with you. We cannot take responsibility for electronic devices that are lost or forgotten.