Annual Ethics and Financial Disclosure Filing Requirements Due Jan. 31

All Employees:

There are two annual ethics and financial disclosure filing requirements due by Jan. 31, as described below. Please review both requirements and comply if one or both apply to you.

1. Annual Report of Extra Income in Excess of $500

A.C.A. 21-8-201 through 204 and the University of Arkansas Systemwide Policies and Procedures 440.10 require persons employed by any campus or unit of the university on a regular salary basis to file a statement reflecting all income in excess of $500 received by them during the preceding calendar year as wages or salary or as fees or payment of professional or consultant services rendered to any public agency of the state or a governmental entity funded by the state (city, county, school district), other than the salary the person receives on a regular salary basis. This should be interpreted to include salary or other payments received by an employee regularly employed at one campus or unit for services performed at another campus or unit of the university such as adjunct teaching under concurrent employment. It also includes salary or payment for services rendered to another state agency or governmental entity funded by the state under concurrent employment or consultant services contractual arrangement. General Counsel has previously recommended that 9-month faculty employees who received compensation for summer school complete this form.

All employees who received extra income exceeding $500 from any public agencies in 2018 must report it on the Annual Report of Extra Income form. Forms must be completed, notarized, and submitted to the attention of Debra Simpson-Webster in Human Resources no later than January 31. Forms may also be emailed to Debra at Debra will then forward all the forms to the UA System Office by the February 10 deadline.

2. Statement of Financial Interest

Per the opinion of General Counsel, employees required to submit the Statement of Financial Interest no later than January 31 include the chancellor, provost, vice chancellors, and all deans. This is filed directly by the employee to the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office, and no copy needs to be submitted to anyone at UA Little Rock

Statement of Financial Interest
Statement of Financial Interest Instructions

The Statement of Financial Interest can be filed online via the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Online Financial Disclosure System. However, users will be required to register with the Secretary of State’s office before using the system; instructions are located at the previously provided link.

Additional information regarding ethics reporting requirements is located on the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration’s website at Ethics Reporting.

NOTE (For those needing to complete the Statement of Financial Interest): The Secretary of State’s Office has made some changes to the online filing system procedure, and some may find it to be much simpler to use the paper form linked above.

Steve McClellan
Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

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