Request for Expense/Internal Income Transfer (FIN006)

NOTE: This form is not to be used to transfer budget. Please use Form BUD001 to complete budget transfers. Forward single-page original form with appropriate documentation to Financial Services for processing. Appropriate documentation would be a screen print, copy of an invoice, etc.

Request for Expense or Internal Income Transfer Form (FIN006)


Fiscal Year: Enter fiscal year (i.e., 2017, 2018)

From: Name of the organization initiating the request.

Prepared by:

Enter your name
Enter today’s date
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Enter your phone number

Doc #: Completed by Financial Services during processing.

Check One:

Internal Income

This transfer occurs when you provide a service to another organization and expect to receive income for your organization. (For example: registration fees paid to RTVF for dubbed videos.) For this type of transfer, the “Transfer To/Credit To” Account (ACCT) code must be an internal income code. For the above example, the “Credit To” Account code would be 562120-Departmental Service.

Expense Transfer

This transfer occurs when you reimburse one FOAPAL from another AFTER the expense has occurred. (For example: transferring mail expenses from Unrestricted Educational and General to a Grant.) For this type of transfer, the Account codes must be the same expense codes for both sections. For the above example, use the Account code 720710-Mail Services in both sections when transferring the expense to a grant.

Charge Expense or Services Rendered To: Complete the (FOAPAL) elements and the amounts. Total all lines.

Credit Expense or Internal Income To: Complete the (FOAPAL) elements and the amounts. Total all lines.

Purpose: Give detailed description of the purpose of this transfer. When moving expenses, include the vendor’s name, invoice number, or other identifying information so we can verify the expense exists.

Financial Manager: Person responsible for the fund. Financial Managers for both sections of the form should sign.

Supervisor: The person supervising the Financial Manager. Supervisors for both Financial Managers should sign the form.

Gray Area: Will be completed by Financial Services during processing.