Marketing & Redistribution (FIX001)

The purpose of this form is to dispose of any destroyed, unusable, or obsolete equipment. Use this form to document ANY property you want to dispose of and subsequently write off your organization’s inventory.

Marketing & Redistribution Form FIX001

Completed forms should be submitted using the General Accounting Form Submission and Contact page


Item Number: Number the asset(s) on the page (i.e., 1,2,3 …). If you need additional pages, begin with 11 and continue numbering.

Permanent Tag Number: The permanent tag number of the asset.

Asset Description w/Serial Number: An accurate description of the asset, including serial number and model number, if available.

Present UA Little Rock Location Code: The present location of the item where you have the items to be picked up. This is the location where Facilities Management will come to pick up your property.

Facilities Management Item Picked Up: Facilities Management will check the “Yes” box if the item was picked up from the organization. If Facilities Management does not find an item they will check the “No” box. Items not found/picked up will be added back to the organization’s inventory.

UA Little Rock Organization Relinquishing Property: The name of the organization relinquishing the asset(s).

Financial Services: Property accountant’s signature upon receipt of form and transmittal to Facilities Management.

Physical Plant: Physical Plant signature upon receipt of the asset(s).

Document Number: The document number is filled in by Facilities Management.

The form should be sent to the property accountant who will verify the property and approve the reassignment. Then, the property accountant will send the form to Facilities Management for them to collect the property. Once the items have been collected on campus, the Facilities Management personnel responsible for picking up the property will sign the form accepting responsibility for it.

Facilities Management will then deliver the property to the State Marketing & Redistribution Warehouse and will return a signed copy with the Property Transfer and Surplus Disposal Form Document to the property accountant for disposal from UA Little Rock property records.

No disposal of UA Little Rock property is permitted without going through this M&R process. We are not allowed to dispose of ANY property without prior permission from the State Office of Procurement – Marketing & Redistribution Division. This procedure is required by Marketing & Redistribution Rules and Regulations as found in Arkansas Code 19-11-242, Sec. (c).