Unlisted Property (FIX004)

Use this form to document property that is not included on a department’s inventory listing, or to document property that is missing a permanent tag.

This form should be completed when there is property that you are responsible for, but it is not listed on your organization’s inventory report.

The location codes are by building and room number. The location code must be verified at least annually and updated to reflect the correct location – more often preferred.

Upon receipt of the signed and dated form from the organization, the Property Accountant will update the inventory records. Incomplete or inaccurate forms will be returned to the appropriate organization for correction before Banner is updated.

If we find that the Unlisted Property for one organization is listed on the inventory reports for another organization, an On-Campus Property Reassignment Form (FIX002) will need to be completed in order to transfer the property to the appropriate organization.

Unlisted Property Form FIX004



Permanent Tag Number: The permanent tag number of the asset.

Description: An accurate description of the asset, including the serial number and model number of the asset.

Custodian: The custodian or person responsible for the asset.

Location Code: The present location code of the asset.

Comments: For use by Property Accounting.

Organization: The name of the organization listing the property.

Phone Number: The phone number of the organization listing the property.

Organization Head Signature: The signature of the Organization Head listing the property.