Lost or Stolen Property (FIX005)

Use this form to document property that has been lost or stolen.

When property cannot be located, the organization head or equipment manager should immediately conduct a search of property disposed or transferred to see if the property has been turned into Marketing and Redistribution (M&R) or transferred to another organization.

Check the last known location and all adjacent areas. If the property was lost, the organization head or equipment manager should complete the Lost or Stolen Property Form (FIX005) detailing the steps taken to locate the property and send the form to Property Accounting.

If a theft has occurred, Public Safety should be notified immediately. A copy of the police report must accompany the Lost or Stolen Property Form and sent to Property Accounting. This is required by Act 876 of 1973, (Ark. Code 19-4-1501). It is necessary to take these steps before removing the missing property from the inventory records.

Lost or Stolen Property Form (FIX005)


Lost: Check if you believe the item has been lost.

Investigative Steps: A checklist of tasks to complete that will certify that the appropriate steps have been taken to locate the lost property.

Investigation Information: Information including what efforts have been made to locate the lost items and what plan of action the organization head will take to maintain compliance with property accountability in the future.

Stolen: Check if the item has been stolen. A police investigative report from UA Little Rock Public Safety must be included in you suspect the item has been stolen.

Permanent Tag Number: The permanent tag number of the asset.

Asset Description: An accurate description of the asset including serial number and model number, if available.

Location Code: The last known location of the asset before it was missing or stolen.

Custodian: The custodian or person responsible for the asset.

Org Name and Org Code: The name and Banner organization code.

Organization Head Signature: The organization head’s signature.

Dean or VC Signature: The dean or vice chancellor’s signature.