Our Philosophy

The UWC operates under the assumption that the best way to improve writing ability is through reflection and practice. We believe in the ability of every person to grow and improve, and we believe writing improves when writers take responsibility and gain confidence in their development.

We are dedicated to serving writers of all ability levels improve their skills at all stages of the writing process. The UWC provides a comfortable place to write, to receive feedback on writing projects, to receive training in working with writers, and to use current technologies in a community environment. The UWC serves as a center of encouragement and development in the pursuit of student success through one-on-one assistance.

Some of the UWC’s many goals include:

  • Building a community of writers through independent and collaborative writing
  • Providing guidance to clients for long-term writing development
  • Promoting responsibility for writing and academic achievement through development and confidence
  • Establishing a writing environment which encourages honesty, integrity, personal development, and responsibility for writers at all ability levels
  • Promoting writing as a personal, professional, and public endeavor
  • Training consultants in pedagogically informed practices to work with writers at all stages of the writing process