Minor in Art

The department of art offers a variety of minors to complement any degree plan. These include the following:

Applied Design

Requires two prerequisite courses: ARST 2315 Three-Dimensional Design and ARST 3312 Contemporary Craft, 6 credits. Once these are completed a student may select the entry-level course from within one of three Applied Design sequences and two additional courses from the same sequence: Furniture, Metals, or Ceramics for 9 additional hours, totaling 15 credit hours for the minor.

  • ARST 2315: 3D Design
  • ARST 3312: Contemporary Craft
  • Three upper-level courses from, furniture, metals or ceramics. Upper-levels must be in the same emphasis area.


Art History

A minor in art history consists of 18 hours in art history, including ARHA 2310, 2311, 2312, and 9 hours of electives, excluding ARHA 2305.

  • ARHA 2310: Survey of the History of Art I
  • ARHA 2311: Survey of the History of Art II
  • ARHA 2312: Survey of Non-Western Art
  • Three upper-level Art History electives, excluding ARHA 2200 and FNAR 2300, 2301.

Students may choose to major in Art History and minor in Studio Art. Three hours of drawing and three hours of design are included in the art history major, students choosing this program will take:

  • ARST 2310 Figure Drawing
  • ARST 2315 3D Design
  • Three upper-level (3000 and above) studio art courses. These hours may be in one concentration (e.g. Painting, Drawing, Graphic Design) or selected concentrations (e.g. Painting Fundamentals I, Introduction to Ceramics, Introduction to Photography, Introduction to Graphic Design)


Digital Arts

The Digital Arts minor consists of a series of courses designed to enhance any degree program utilizing art related computer programs. The advanced courses address both print and web-based audiences stressing technical proficiency and aesthetic appeal. The courses take you through a logical sequence of projects that encourage progressive skill development. The department often includes special topics courses on motion graphics and animation that may be substituted for regular classes to enhance the minor’s offerings.

The curriculum for the minor consists of 15 hours in studio art, including:

  • ARST 1315: 2D Design
  • ARST 2318: Computer Applications in Art
  • ARST 3385: Vector Graphics or approved special topics course
  • ARST 3386: Digital Imaging or approved special topics course
  • ARST 4348: Web Design or approved special topics course



The minor in Photography challenges students to perfect their photographic skills, both as a means of artistic self-expression and a practical skill with many applications. The Photography Minor consists of 15 hours in photography, which include:

  • ARST 1315 2D Design
  • ARST 3370: Introduction to Photography

and three courses from the following upper level electives:

  • ARST 4370: Professional Photo Techniques
  • ARST 4371: Alternative Photo Methods
  • ARST 4372: Digital Color Photography
  • ARST 4373: Advanced Problems in Photography
  • ARST 4374: Large Format Photography
  • ARST 4315: Advanced Problems in Design


Studio Art

The minor in Studio Art offers a strong foundational knowledge in art-making skills and processes, along with an introduction to a range of studio art disciplines.

A minor in studio art consists of 15 hours, to include 3 hours of drawing, 3 hours of design, and 3 hours of prerequisites for upper-level study, and 6 hours of upper-level electives in studio work.

  • ARST 1310: Basic Drawing
  • ARST 1315: 2D Design
    Choose one of the following:
  • ARST 2310: Figure Drawing
  • ARST 2318: Computer Applications in Art
  • ARST 2315: 3D Design
  • Choose two upper-level studio art courses for which the 2000-level pre-requisite is complete