404 error when attempting to open Microsoft Office documents

Description: The latest versions of Microsoft Edge offer the ability to open office files in the browser using Microsoft’s office.com, but when this option is enabled, Office documents opened from Blackboard Learn SaaS cause an error.

Observed Behavior

Either an HTTP 404 error appears, or the Word online application opens but displays the message “Sorry, there was a problem and we can’t open this document. If this happens again, try opening the Document in Microsoft Word.”

Expected Behavior
The File is transferred to Microsoft Office online and displayed in the Browser.

Students can still view attached documents by right clicking on the file name and selecting ‘Save Link As..’ from the resulting menu. This will save the the attached file to the desktop, where it can be opened with Microsoft Office.

Additionally, students can disable the Edge setting that opens Office files in-browser — do to this:
1. Open Edge Settings
2. Select Downloads
3. Set ‘Open Office files in the Browser’ to Off

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