Campus Technical Support

Students at UA Little Rock can receive assistance from campus technical support for issues with their university accounts, access to the university network, campus-owned technology and on-campus computer labs, as well as supported software and tools.

The information on this page is relevant to all students taking courses online through UA Little Rock’s Blackboard system. Note that some campus units may provide services specifically to their student population, so support for those services may not be detailed here.

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What is the scope of the support services available on campus?

Technology support for students at UA Little Rock is available for a wide range of tools and services in use across campus, but there are some limits to the scope of those services. For example, we can provide hardware support for technology owned by the university, but there are limits to what can be done with your personal computer. Similarly, we can troubleshoot issues with our campus network, but you may need to reach out to your internet service provider or local network administrator if you are having trouble with a personal or work network connection.

If you’re unsure whether your issue is within the scope of support provided by the university, you can always reach out to the appropriate contact to troubleshoot.

How do I know who to reach out to for support?

The most appropriate contact will depend on the nature of the issue itself. If you’re experiencing a technical issue with the content or tools within the Blackboard system, then reaching out to UA Little Rock Blackboard Student Support is your best bet. Issues that are academic in nature — missed deadlines or extra submission attempts, for example — are best addressed through your course instructor.

If you’re having trouble logging in to Blackboard or with one of the tools provided to campus by IT Services — like Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, or Zoom — then you’ll need to reach out to the IT Services Assistance Center.

Many courses will offer content and tools that are either specific to your academic discipline or that are supplemental to the core functionality of the Blackboard system. Your course instructor should provide you with information about obtaining support for these tools, but you can always reach out to UA Little Rock Blackboard Student Support for assistance with finding the appropriate support contact for your issue.

Blackboard Student Support

The UA Little Rock Blackboard Student Support helpdesk is available to answer your questions and troubleshoot issues you may encounter when working within your Blackboard courses. Evening, weekend, and holiday call center assistance is available by phone for after-hours emergencies, and you can call during business hours or submit a support request to speak directly with someone at UA Little Rock.

Contact Blackboard Student Support
Contact page: | Phone: (501) 916.3602 | Email:

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IT Services

The IT Services Assistance Center supports a range of software and services provided by the university. You can call or open a support ticket for help with issues related to accounts and access, supported software like Microsoft 365 or G Suite, issues with the campus network, and more. Support is Monday – Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m, with some limited after-hours support is available according to the Ottenheimer Library schedule.

Contact IT Services
Contact page: | Phone: (501) 916.3011 | Email:

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Support for third-party tools

Many online courses will utilize third-party tools to enhance course content, and the third-party tool provider will often have their own support contact for troubleshooting issues specific to the tool. Below is a list of the major third-party tool providers with tools in use at UA Little Rock:

Cambridge Business Publishers
McGraw Hill

If a third-party tool provider used in one of your courses is not listed here, check your syllabus for more information about troubleshooting issues.

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