Accessing your Blackboard courses

Having registered for the upcoming semester, you might expect to log in to Blackboard and immediately see your schedule reflected there, but that isn’t always the case. The information below can help you better understand when your courses will be available to you in Blackboard, but please contact Blackboard Student Support if you think there might be a technical issue preventing access.

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Why don't I see the courses I expect to see when I log in to Blackboard?

There are a number of reasons why you might not see your courses in Blackboard, so if this the case for you, take a moment to look over the information on this page and assess your situation.

When troubleshooting an access issue, a good place to start is by confirming your registration status for the course. To do this, log in to your BOSS account access the Student Services tab — there you can check your schedule and for any issues that might impact your registration status for the term.

If you verify that you are officially registered for a course, the issue may just be that it’s too early to access, either because the semester hasn’t started yet and the course isn’t yet available to students, or because you’ve recently registered for the course in BOSS and your Blackboard account hasn’t yet reflected the change.

You may also need to check your UA Little Rock Gmail account for more information from the instructor about the general availability of the course.

What should I do if I'm not able to see my courses?

If you’re unable to see your courses because you can’t log in to the Blackboard system, you should reach out to the IT Services Assistance Center to troubleshoot your issue. New admits should allow time for their accounts to populate within various campus systems.

If you BOSS account shows that there’s an issue with your admissions, financial aid, or registration status, you will need to reach out to the appropriate office for more information.

If you do not have access to a course that’s been made available by the instructor within the start and end date of the semester, please contact UA Little Rock Blackboard Student Support for assistance.

Registration and logging in to Blackboard

Once you’ve been accepted to the university and advised for the upcoming term, you can register for your courses using these instructions on the Records and Registration website.

To access your courses in Blackboard, just go to and log in with your NetID 2.0.

Please note that it can take a few hours for your Blackboard account to reflect changes made to your schedule in BOSS.

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Course start and end dates

Each course is associated with a start and end date for the semester on the BOSS class schedule — please make note of these dates, particularly if you’re registering for a course in a five or seven week term that may not share start and end dates with the full semester.

Instructors that use Blackboard for their courses have the option of granting access to course content up to a week prior to the first day of the term. If your instructor chooses to keep the course available after the term, you will retain access to the course for thirty days after the official course end date.

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Registration and logging in to Blackboard

Your instructor has the ability control access to course content in Blackboard, including the ability to grant or deny general access to the course itself during the time period that courses can be made available in the system.

Note that some instructors may not use Blackboard for their courses at all — if this is the case, you may not see the course listed in your Blackboard account.

It’s also possible that your instructor may need to make a course temporarily unavailable at some point during the semester to troubleshoot a technical issue. If an active course suddenly becomes unavailable to you and you’ve confirmed your registration status for the course in BOSS, you may need to check your UA Little Rock Gmail account for correspondence from the instructor.

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Accessing organizations

Some campus units may make content available to you through the organizations tab.

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