Submitting Course Evaluations

University course evaluations play a vital role in informing faculty about the effectiveness of a course, and give students a confidential platform for submitting feedback that can be used in efforts towards continuous improvement at UA Little Rock.

When are evaluations made available and how long do I have to respond?

For most courses, the evaluation period opens three weeks prior to the due date listed for final grades on the university’s academic calendar, and students have until that date to submit an evaluation. Evaluations can not be completed after the deadline — once the evaluation period has ended, the survey for that term will no longer accept responses.

View the Fall 2023 course evaluation schedule on the Blackboard Student Support website.

What if I encounter a technical issue while responding to a survey?

Please report issues by email to — if you’re having issues with a specific course, be sure to include the course number or title in your email.

Accessing Course Evaluations

For most courses, students are given approximately three weeks leading up to the due date for final grades to complete evaluations for any particular term. During that time, students have two ways to access and respond to course evaluations in Qualtrics:

Email: notifications will be sent from to the student’s UA Little Rock gmail account with a link to the evaluation dashboard.

Blackboard: students can navigate to the Tools page on Blackboard’s Base Navigation menu and click the Course Evaluations button to access the evaluation dashboard.

On the evaluation dashboard, students will see a list of courses being evaluated for the current term and a progress indicator for each that shows whether the course evaluation has been completed.

List of courses in QClassroom Student Dashboard

Students will have 72 hours after opening the survey to answer questions and submit their evaluation. Though the survey tool will save incomplete responses during the 72 hour period, it is advisable to complete each survey in one sitting, if possible. All responses must be submitted prior to the 5:00pm deadline at the end of the evaluation period.