About Student Success Tips

  • Developing Good Communication Skills
    Having and using good communication skills are the building blocks of any successful career—professional or academic. The key is knowing how to effectively express ideas in a tone that is appropriate with language that is understandable, focused and compelling. 
  • The Mentor Professor
    At UALR, a variety of free resources are available to help students succeed in their courses including the Library and Writing Center as well…  
  • Exam Strategies to Prepare for your Online Midterms
    Midterms are here and taking an online exam can present some interesting challenges when it comes to test preparation. Having a test-prep strategy can…  
  • The Art of Studying More Efficiently
    The way we study influences our comprehension of concepts and information. Simply capturing facts (i.e. taking notes) is not enough; we must internalize the information in a way that develops a deep understanding. This is why some people do poorly on exams despite studying for several hours. Recording facts without processing the underlying concepts; inefficient note taking skills; poor time management; and not having a strategic study plan contribute to the phenomenon of students who study but still do not score high on their exams. The following tips will help you develop study habits that are more efficient and less time consuming. 
  • Time Management: Cornerstone of Student Success
    Between school, work, family and social obligations, finding time to get everything done can be a challenge. This is especially true for students taking online courses that have a lot of work-at-your-own-pace lectures and reading assignments. However, with a time management plan this does not have to be an obstacle. The following tips can help you develop a basic time management strategy for your online courses and reduce stress in your academic life.