Blackboard Announcements

The My Announcements module is customarily part of the myCourses dashboard you see when you log into myBlackboard. The My Announcements module can also be added to an entry or other page in each course. instructors use Announcements to communicate time-sensitive information and course updates. Administrators use Announcement to communicate institution wide information such as outages and upcoming Blackboard maintenance.

A good practice is to check this area each time you log in to Blackboard.

Topic What’s Covered
Accessing Announcements The different ways you can access your Announcements
Viewing Announcements Information about the Announcements detail page
Announcements with Course Links Linking to course content through Announcements

Accessing Announcements

You can access Announcements in a couple of different ways:

  • From the myCourses dashboard on the myBlackboard page
  • From a Course Module page inside a course

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Viewing Announcements

You can sort the view of all of your announcements once you are on the Announcements page. If you access the Announcements page using the module on the myCourses dashboard, you can use the System, Courses & Organizations, and View All links to select which Announcements appear on the page. You can further sort the Announcements using the drop-down menu and then making a selection.

If you access the Announcements pages from inside your course using the Course Module Page, you will only be able to view announcements for that particular course and Institution announcements that have been made available inside Blackboard courses.

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Announcements with Course Links

At times, you may see an Announcement that contains a Course Link. Course Links are shortcuts to other areas of the course provided by the instructor. In the example pictured here, clicking on the My Grades would bring you to the My Grades page within that course to view your available grades.

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