CUMU Declaration Supports Metropolitan Universities

The Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities (CUMU) has updated its 21st Century Declaration of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities. CUMU currently includes 80 member universities that represent over 50 metropolitan communities.

Founded in 1990, CUMU is the premier higher education resource for urban and metropolitan institutions that seek new ways of using their human and physical resources to address the problems of their metropolitan area. CUMU is a leadership organization bringing together presidents, administrators, and faculty to share best practices through conferences, seminars, networks, and publications, including the internationally recognized Metropolitan Universities Journal.

Chancellor Joel E. Anderson and Chancellor Emeritus Charles Hathaway have been extensively involved in CUMU since its inception, submitting articles for various publications and serving on committees and panels.

UALR is Arkansas’s only metropolitan institution and fully embraces the responsibility to use the extensive knowledge and skills of its faculty, staff, and students to provide practical solutions for community and state problems. UALR is the only institution in Arkansas to apply for and receive the elective Community Engagement Classification awarded by the Carnegie Foundation.



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