UALR Green Dot Program Receives $22K

UALR’s Green Dot Program received $22,000 from Verizon to help eliminate violence on campus and in the community.  The grant was funded through Verizon’s HopeLine program which assists survivors of domestic violence.

The Green Dot Program seeks to prevent power-based, personal violence and is based on the the importance of being an active bystander to prevent and stop violence.  Students, faculty, and staff are taught safe ways to intervene if they are ever a witness to a potentially violent situation, such as calling the police or creating a distraction.  The program also helps connect people with resources such as counseling services and advocates in the event a person or someone they know is harmed in some way.

The grant will be used to expand current training and programming offered by Green Dot, as well as strengthen partnerships with other campus and community groups, such as UALR Campus Life, UALR Public Safety, and the Arkansas Coalition Against Sexual Assault (ACASA).



Chancellor Anderson with Representatives from Verizon

Chancellor Anderson with Representatives from Verizon

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