Dr. Shanzhi Wang

Wang, ShanzhiBiochemistry

Contact Information

Office Location: SCLB 489
Office Phone: 501-916-6545
E-mail: sxwang2@ualr.edu

Teaching Interest

Biochemistry, Medicinal Chemistry

Research Interests

  •   The function of the inflammatory caspases (>in vitro)
  •   Enzyme inhibitor design

UA-Little Rock Appointments

  • Assistant Professor (2016-present)


  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Department of Biochemistry and Department of Cell Biology (Bronx, NY)
  • PhD in Biochemistry, Texas A&M University (College Station, TX)
  • BS in Medicine, Jilin University (Changchun, China)

Recent Publications

  • Hu, J., Duan, Z., Yu, G. and Wang, S. (2019) Bcl-2 inhibitors as sensitizing agents for cancer chemotherapy, In Protein Kinase Inhibitors as Sensitizing Agents for Chemotherapy, (Vol. 2, pp. 151-168). Elsevier Inc.
  • Wang S., Cameron S.A., Clinch K., Evans G.B., Wu Z., Schramm V.L., and Tyler P.C. (2015) New antibiotic candidates against Helicobacter pylori, Journal of the American Chemical Society 137:14275-80.
  • Wang, S., Chahwan, R., Wei, L., and Scharff, M. D. (2016). Error-Prone Mismatch and Base Excision DNA Repair in Somatic Hypermutation. In Molecular Immunology (Vol. 2, pp. 126-133). Elsevier Inc..
  • Wei, L., Chahwan, R., Wang, S., Wang, X., Phuong, P., Goodman, M., Bergman, A., Scharff, M.D., and MacCarthy, T. (2015) Overlapping hotspots in CDRs are critical sites for V region diversification, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112:E728-37
  • Wang, S., Thomas, K., and Schramm, V. L. (2014) Catalytic site cooperativity in dimeric methylthioadenosine nucleosidase Biochemistry 53, 1527-1535.
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