Student Profile

There is no single profile of a Donaghey Scholar. The Program values diversity among the students. Students may enter the Program as first-year college students. The admissions process and standards are holistic, reflecting this interest in diversity.

There are, however, characteristics that most Scholars share. Scholars are engaged and interested in the learning experience. Students are exposed to a variety of disciplines, approaches, and ideas in the Program. Scholars are analytical thinkers and have broad interests.

Academically, Scholars vary widely. Students can choose from more than 100 majors at UA Little Rock. The students in the Program benefit from the diverse interests of the student body.

“Being a Donaghey Scholar is being a writer, scientist, philosopher, dancer, mathematician, world traveler, community volunteer, researcher, friend, artist, and leader.” -Frances Ockles, 2001 Donaghey Scholars Honors Program graduate