Non-payroll direct deposits

Are you aware that the university can disburse most reimbursements by direct deposit? This process supports funds getting to our students, faculty, staff, and vendors much quicker, is less expensive, and promotes sustainability.

Signing up for direct deposit is a simple process. Employees can set themselves up for direct deposit at any time through BOSS or they can email a request to Financial Services asking that their direct deposit be set up the same as their payroll account. Remember, in order to maintain the security of your accounts, no account information should ever be sent over email. Finally, unlike payroll, non-payroll reimbursements can only be direct deposited into one account.

To request direct deposit for non-payroll reimbursements, or if you have any questions regarding this process, you may email Karissa Graham at or call her at 501.569.3318. Please include your T number when requesting direct deposit by email.

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