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When auditing travel reimbursements, UALR must audit the amounts charged for hotel rooms. Even if your hotel room was paid for by a travel card, the receipt must be included with your TR-1. The amount is checked against the maximum allowed by the state, and if it exceeds that, the travel accountant will refer to the travel authorization document to look for the pre-approval and justification for exceeding that amount. Those justifications are occasionally reviewed by Legislative Audit. If only a signature approving the hotel rate is indicated, that would be unacceptable to an auditor. When signing the approval by the rate to exceed the amount allowed by the state, provide the justification. “Conference hotel” and “other hotels in area were booked up” would be acceptable; however, some justification must be provided.

If the airline ticket, registration fee, hotel, or rental car expense was paid using a travel card, the amount must be listed on your TR-1 form under Detailed Expenditures as either “Direct Billed” or “CTS Purchase.”

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Accounts Payable at 501.569.3318.

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