Single sign-on feature now active

As of Tuesday, June 13 at 5:30 p.m., the single sign-on feature will be active for the employee and manager portals. This feature simplifies how you log in, routing you through UALR’s single sign-on server and allowing you to use your true NetID and password to log in.

BOSS access will be replaced with the new links Tuesday evening. In addition, if you prefer to bookmark the access links, please change your bookmarks to the following:



The appearance of the webclock will also change when the feature becomes active. Employees who clock in and out will be taken straight to the dashboard, with the clock in, clock out, leave on break, and return from break now appearing in the center of the application across the top row of the dashboard. (see illustration below)

More information on NetIDs can be found here:

Single Sign On Image

Single Sign On Image

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