Transition to TimeClock Plus this Monday

We’re rapidly approaching the transition from Web Time Entry to TimeClock Plus on Monday, Aug. 15. In order to transition to the new system, the Web Time Entry and TimeClock Plus will overlap only on Monday, Aug. 15, requiring employees and supervisors/timekeepers to complete tasks in both, as follows:

Web Time Entry

  1. Employees who report exception time in WTE will need to do so for the pay period Aug. 1-15 and submit their time report for supervisor approval by Aug. 22. Supervisors must approve time reports by Aug. 23.
  2. Departments that enter time in PHATIME must also submit time by Aug. 22 and supervisors approve that time by Aug. 23.
  3. Timesheet and leave adjustments must be in to Payroll by Aug. 23 for the pay period Aug. 1-15.

TimeClock Plus

  1. Hourly and classified employees will begin clocking in using a timeclock or the webclock on Monday, Aug. 15.
  2. Faculty, non-classified and classified exempt employees, will begin using the TCP webclock on Monday, Aug. 15, to report exception time.

Leave Accruals (Balances)

Your leave accruals (balances) in TimeClock Plus are not yet current. When we go online with the new time and attendance system Monday, all leave balances will be updated and current. Please verify your leave balances on Monday. If they are not correct, contact the Payroll Office.

We again ask you to verify that you have access to the employee dashboard. If you are a manager, please verify that you can view the employees you supervise/approve time for in the manager dashboard. Employees who may use a timeclock, please make sure your ID is recognized when swiped. If you cannot log in or do not see all of your respective employees, contact the Payroll Office immediately.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience during this transition period. Feel free to submit any questions or concerns through our TCP portal or contact Payroll at or 501-916-3136.

UALR Time and Attendance Implementation Team

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