TimeClock Plus automated reports

Dear TimeClock Plus Managers,

You may have received a report titled “Complete Payroll Report for Managers” via email late this afternoon. This is a system generated, informational report that provides a summary to you as manager, and also serves as a reminder to approve time reports. You do not need to do anything with the report, other than review it for accuracy. If you have approved your employees’ time for the previous work week, there will be an X under the M column on the far right.

We have been working with the TimeClock Plus vendor for some time to automate reports successfully. You may also receive the following other reports as we test our system: Employee Punch Location, Time Clock Exceptions Summary, and Under 40 Report. Again, these are just informational reports that will assist you in managing and verifying your employees’ time records.

Our goal at this time is to automate these reports, although the content of the specific reports could change. The reports are also available for you to manually produce in the TCP dashboard, by clicking the Hours tab and then selecting Period Reports.

Thank you for your patience as we work to configure the new payroll system to serve the campus needs. Feel free to contact the Payroll Office at 501-916-3136 or payroll@ualr.edu with your questions, or submit them through the TCP Website Portal.

TimeClock Plus Implementation Team

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