Use excess leave balances by Dec. 31

Please review the leave liability report for your department to verify balances of accrued vacation and comp time earned by your employees. As of the Oct. 30 leave report, several employees have exceeded or are at risk of exceeding the maximum 240 hours of comp time earned and/or accrued vacation hours. You should consult with these employees so they can make plans to use their excessive leave or they will risk forfeiting vacation hours earned in excess of 240 if not taken by Dec. 31. Employees may use comp, vacation, or a combination of comp and vacation time for the holidays.

The following are important facts to remember regarding excess leave balances:

  1. Vacation Hours. Accrued vacation hours exceeding 240 will be forfeited if not used by Dec. 31. Again, employees who have in excess of 240 hours should make plans to use their excess vacation leave or risk forfeiting it.
  2. Comp Time. Employees who have earned comp time in excess of 240 hours will be paid for any hours in excess of 240 on the Jan. 31 paycheck. Departments will be charged this expense, and therefore, should encourage employees to use excess comp time by Dec. 31.
  3. Sick Leave. The maximum hours of sick leave that can be carried over each calendar year are 960 hours. Employees will forfeit all excess sick leave hours if not taken by Dec. 31.
  4. Catastrophic Bank Donation. Employees may donate up to a maximum of 40 cumulative hours to the catastrophic leave bank from their vacation, comp time earned, and/or sick leave balances. To do so, please contact Human Resources to complete a Catastrophic Bank Donation form.

Feel free to contact the Payroll Office at 501-916-3136 or with questions or for assistance regarding employee leave records. As always, we appreciate your support and cooperation in working with us on any matters concerning payroll.

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