Marketing & Redistribution process

The Marketing & Redistribution Form is used to dispose of any destroyed, unusable, or obsolete equipment. This form documents ANY property that you want to dispose of and subsequently write off your organization’s inventory. Processing of the M&R form is as follows:

  1. Complete the M&R form and forward it to the property accountant in Financial Services, who will verify the property and approve the reassignment.
  2. The M&R form will then be forwarded to Facilities Management for collection of the property.
  3. Once the property has been collected, Facilities Management will sign the M&R form accepting responsibility for it.
  4. Facilities Management will deliver the property to the Department of Finance & Administration – Marketing & Redistribution Warehouse and will deliver a signed copy of the Property Transfer and Surplus Disposal Form to the property accountant.
  5. The property accountant will then remove the property from UA Little Rock’s property records.

If the property to be disposed of is a computer, the hard drive must first be removed and destroyed by IT Services. Once that is completed, attach a Certificate of Destruction form to the M&R form and submit both to Financial Services. A copy of the Certificate of Destruction must be retained in the department for a minimum of five (5) years.

Please note: No disposal of UA Little Rock property is permitted without going through this M&R process. The university is not allowed to dispose of any property without prior permission from the Department of Finance & Administration – Marketing & Redistribution Division. This procedure is required by Marketing & Redistribution Rules and Regulations as found in A.C.A. 19-11-242(c).

Comprehensive information regarding UA Little Rock’s inventory process can be found on the Inventory website and in the Inventory Procedures Manual. If you have any problems or questions with the M&R process, or any other inventory processes, please feel free to contact Emily Gentle, property accountant, at 501-916-5741 or

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