Student Spotlight: Helensia Green

Graduate student of the social work program, Helensia Green, stopped by to share her experience attending UA Little Rock Graduate School. Check out her story below!

Helensia’s Graduate Student Experience

“I have had an amazing experience here at UA Little Rock as an undergraduate student. For the past five years, I have benefited from a full-ride track scholarship. I joined so many organizations and took on so many roles during my time here. Almost half of my college years were greatly impacted by COVID-19 and although school was moved online, I still preserved my position as an employed student-athlete, an intern, and a track and field captain. Now, I am proud to be your favorite residential assistant, graduate assistant coach, counselor intern, and student. In my fifth year of college, I enrolled in the social work graduate program!

I started my first year as a residential assistant and began interning at Living Hope Southeast Mental Health Clinic, while remaining employed for extra financial support. In the last year of my graduate program, I was offered and accepted a position as a graduate assistant coach. After accepting that offer, I also accepted both the residential assistant position and an
internship at U A Little Rock Counseling Services. After obtaining my degree, I plan to obtain my LMSW license and work in the school system at the collegiate level. The advice I’d have to offer is to be strict with your time management, network within your programs and organizations, and self care. I encourage anyone to take a leap of faith. Trust in God, trust in your process, and most importantly, trust in yourself. If you believe you can do it and you really want it, go for it!”

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