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DRAFT Guide for International Graduate School Applicants

Applying for graduate school as an international student at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock? Be sure to review and follow these steps to help you navigate the process and find success.

Part 1: Applying to Graduate School

1. Get information about the graduate program that interests you. Add some info here about what info they should be looking for.

2. Get information about the process for applying.

3. Gather the required documents. Be sure you know when all parts of your graduate school application are due, and send the information in as soon as possible.

  • Download the PDF about how to submit an official transcript.
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) /Duolingo/ Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) (2 months)
  • Ph.D. reference letters, resume, statement of purpose
  • NACES or WES articulation for non-English universities (2-6 weeks?) or transfer credit

How to write a U.S. addresses:

  • Recipient’s first and last name
  • Street number and name (address line 1)
  • Apartment or unit and its number (address line 2)
  • City, state and zip code (all on one line with a comma between the city and state, but not the zip code)
  • Country

4. Take the GRE (exam offered, get results — 2 months?) or request a GRE waiver.

5. Fill out the application.

6. Upload the unofficial documents and submit application; pay application fee.

7. Check the status of your application (coordinators can make decision when materials are in).

8. Get official copies of your documents sent to UA Little Rock. Do this as soon as possible.

9. Get official admission letter.

10. How to defer admission if necessary.

Part 2: Applying for Financial Assistance

Content here

Part 3: Arranging Travel to the United States

This section applies to students who are not currently in the U.S.

I-20 paperwork from our Office of International Student Services (1 month).

Embassy interview (schedule, might be 4 months in advance).

If accepted by embassy, apply for international scholarship (only open from May to July); not guaranteed, more of a lottery process.

Look for and apply for graduate assistant positions.

Get visa (they may take your passport and return it after 2-3 weeks).

Find out from ISS when they have to be in the U.S. for orientation (1 week before class starts).

Book flights.

Get I-94 at the airport.

Part 4: Arriving and Getting Settled in Little Rock

International Friendship Outreach assists internationals in getting settled in Arkansas from the time they arrive by greeting them at the airport, providing temporary housing if needed, shopping trips, city and campus tours, and more.

Living arrangements (Westpark Meadows) — be prepared with financial deposit
Social Security Account (48 hours to get a number; longer to get the physical card)

Fill out HR and payroll paperwork for GAs

Bank account and background check (7 – 10 days)
Transportation: driver’s license, how to buy a car, public transit
Grocery stores
Entertainment, social life, exercise, etc.

Part 5: Registering for Classes and Tracking Your Degree Progress

Registering in BOSS
Transfer credit process and requirements
Paying for classes
— show proof of insurance or buy international student insurance

(This is part of their bill; if not paid, can’t register for next semester)

Part 6: Getting an Internship

You may want to find an internship while in graduate school. However, obtaining work as an international student requires following specific guidelines.

Part 7: Accessing Other Resources

If you have any questions regarding international application requirements, please contact the Graduate School at If you are a prospective international student or scholar seeking assistance in immigration advising, social, cultural, and academic issues, please contact our Office of International Student Services at