New HR Summer Workshops

Just in time for the summer break, HR is offering professional development opportunities for supervisors, managers, faculty and staff.  Each workshop is only 60-minutes!

  • To enroll, click on your preferred workshop title.  A registration portal will open enabling you to enroll in the workshop.

Supervisors and Managers


Understanding Your Role as a Supervisor/Manager

Supervisors and managers will gain knowledge about qualities required to be an effective manager.  This module will also provide an overview of the manager’s role and its responsibilities for the University.  New supervisors and managers will learn key skills for transitioning from an individual contributor role to the manager role.

Length:  60 minutes

Understanding Your Role as an Employee

Employees will discuss their role and how it supports the mission of the University and institutional goals.

Length:  60 minutes

Setting Performance Expectations and Giving Feedback

Supervisors and managers will learn effective techniques for setting and communicating performance expectations to their employees.  This module will also provide best practice techniques for communicating feedback to employees.

Length:  60 minutes

Receiving Work Assignments

Employees will learn how to effectively receive work assignments and use techniques to ensure clarity.

Length:  60 minutes

Effective Communication

Supervisors and managers will learn how to demonstrate effective communication skills when interacting with  employees.

Length:  60 minutes

How to Communicate with Your Manager and Respond Proactively to Constructive Feedback

Employees will learn the importance of using effective interpersonal skills when communicating with management staff. This module will also help employees learn to receive constructive feedback and demonstrate behaviors that meet required performance expectations.

Length:  60 minutes

Handling Emotions in the Workplace

Supervisors and managers will learn skills for effectively managing employee emotions and behavior applying  University policies.

Length:  60 minutes

Demonstrating Professionalism

Employees will discuss the impact of professionalism in the workplace and why it is important to their success as a University employee.

Length:  60 minutes

Documenting Discipline

Supervisors and managers will learn the requirements for effectively documenting employee performance.

Length:  60 minutes

Responding Proactively to Discipline

Employees will discuss the role of discipline in the workplace and learn how to proactively “own” their performance to ensure compliance and meeting of expectations.

Length:  60 minutes



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