“The Data Doc” Answers the Question- Data Quality: What’s it Like in the Real World?

Dr. Tom RedmanOn March 9, 2016, Dr. Thomas C. Redman, also know as “The Data Doc,” hosted a town hall meeting on the campus the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) to address the question “What is data quality like in the real world?” By asking as well as answering questions, Dr. Redman engaged the audience in thinking about some of the most fundamental data quality issues of “Who is responsible for data quality?” and “What are the moments that really matter for data?” The town hall meeting was also webcast to online participants. A recording of the town hall session can be found here “Redman Town Hall.”

As an Affiliate Member of the UALR Graduate Faculty and a Member of Advisory Board for UALR Emerging Analytics Center (EAC), Dr. Redman is a regular visitor to the campus. He is also actively engaged with students and faculty members of the UALR Information Quality Graduate Program in research aimed at creating models and simulations that can quantify the impact of social issues in information quality. Founded in 2006 in collaboration with the Chief Data Officer and Information Quality program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT CDOIQ), the UALR Information Quality Graduate Program was the first program to offer graduate degrees in information quality and continues to be the world-leader in information quality education and research.

Dr. Redman is well-know in the data and information quality community. Through his business, he helps companies, including many of the Fortune 100, improve data quality.  Those that follow his innovative approaches enjoy the many benefits of far-better data, including far lower cost.  His recent article, “Data’s Credibility Problem,” (Harvard Business Review, December 2013) showcases what’s possible.  Tom’s Data Driven, (Harvard Business Press, 2008) is the guiding light for companies seeking to build their futures in data.  Tom started his career at Bell Labs, where he led the Data Quality Lab.  He has a Ph.D. is in Statistics and two patents.

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