Dr. John Talburt Receives DAMA International 2008 Academic Award

The Data Management Association (DAMA) International announced that it will present its 2008 Academic Award to Dr. John R. Talburt, UALR Professor of Information Science and Acxiom Chair of Information Quality. He is also the the Graduate Coordinator for the UALR MSIQ Program and Executive Director of the UALR ERIQ Laboratory for Advanced Research in Entity Resolution and Information Quality (https://ualr.edu/eriq/).

The Academic Award is given annually to a member from academia who has done outstanding research or theoretical contributions in the area of information resource management or data resource management. Dr. Talburt was cited for his work over the years to advance the cause of data management, especially through his work in data and information quality. Previous recipients include Dr. E.F. Codd, Dr. Peter Chen, Dr. Richard Wang, and William H. Inmon. Dr. Talburt is scheduled to receive his award at the annual DAMA International Conference in San Diego, CA on March 17, 2008.

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