With so much going on in your online courses, it can be a challenge to keep up with new messages. The Blackboard course notification system can help.

Users who wish to be notified of messages sent within a course can opt to have notifications appear within the course itself, pushed to the global navigation menu, or sent to their UALR email account.

Triggered by activity within the course, the system generates course notifications for both faculty and students to track when content has been updated or when new content has been added to a course.

What kinds of content generate notifications?

Major categories of activity that generate notifications include:

  • announcements posted by the instructor
  • assignment submitted
  • assignment submitted late, for group assignments only
  • assignment attempt edited
  • content item available
  • course available
  • course messages
  • gradable item, test, survey, or assignment due or past due
  • grade cleared – the attempt was removed from the Grade Center
  • item graded
  • test, survey, or assignment available
  • unread blogs, journals, and discussions
  • wiki attempts, for group wikis only

How can I adjust the notification settings?

You can adjust what kind of notifications you receive and where you see them on the notifications settings page.  By default, dashboard notifications are enabled for all content types, which means all types of notifications will show in the “What’s New” and “To Do” modules found within some courses, on the Institutional Dashboard page, and under the various categories on the global navigation menu.

To adjust what notifications are posted and where, just find the “Settings” option on the Global Navigation menu:

Or, click the “Edit Notification Settings” button in the What’s New module.

On the Edit Notification Settings page, you should see the option to bulk edit the notification settings for all of your courses, or to edit the settings for each of your courses individually.

Notifications can be sent to your UALR email account or directly to your mobile device. You may also turn off notifications from the edit notification settings page.

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