Insurance Card

International students receiving health insurance coverage via UA Little Rock are enrolled in LewerMark Insurance. Students are welcome to download their insurance card from LewerMark Insurance.

Downloading Your Insurance Card

  1. Visit
  2. Select “Student Login for ID Card”
  3. To input your Student ID, replace the letter “T” with the number zero
    • Example: T00987654 becomes 000987654
  4. The default password is your date of birth using mmddyyyy
    • Example: April 1, 1990 becomes 04011990
  5. Download to print or save your card electronically

In case of emergency, always have easy access to your insurance card. If you do not have your card at the time of emergency, quickly follow up with the hospital to give them your insurance information.

If you are unable to retrieve your insurance card, please call the enrollment contact for LewerMark at (800) 821-7710.

If you have an emergency before the 11th day of class, contact International Student Services for an expedited insurance enrollment.