Tax Return

All international students and scholars in the United States in the previous year have filing responsibilities. The season for tax return filing in the United States is January – April (through June if no income was received) and reports income or status from the previous year.

It is your responsibility to fulfill your tax obligations. ISS staff members are not certified public accountants and will not offer any tax advice. Do not take tax advice from your friends. The Bowen School of Law offers general advising sessions for international students in February and March each year and provides a contact for specific questions. Sessions will be posted on the ISS website and email.

Download the following forms as needed:

Caution about the 1098T

Many students receive a tax form called the 1098T. This statement could be used for eligible tax reimbursement on the 1040 or 1040A. Unfortunately international students who are considered non-residents for tax purposes file the 1040NR and are not eligible for refunds associated with the 1098T. To learn the difference between being classified as a resident or non-resident for tax purposes, please attend our upcoming tax sessions.

Sprintax Online Tax Preparation Software

LewerMark has partnered with Sprintax online tax preparation software to allow you to offer a reduced price for international students. Visit their website at  for pricing and more information.