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American Sign Language is a living language. The Interpreter Education Program at UA Little Rock is dedicated to instructing students as to ASL’s origin, grammatical structure, and use. We recognize the dignity and value of the Deaf community and the languages and communication modes used by its members. Recognizing that language is an integral part of culture, our faculty believes in the active involvement of Deaf ASL users as language models, instructors, guest speakers, and lab assistants.

An interpreter functions as a linguistic and cultural mediator between individuals who are hearing and individuals who are Deaf, DeafBlind, or hard of hearing. Our students complete their interpreter education through a learning model that is developmental, sequential, and spiral within a task-analysis approach. Students have active involvement with members of the Deaf Community and have the responsibility to comply with the ethics and standards of the profession.

UA Little Rock abides by the program standards of the Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Education (CCIE) and our IEP is one of a small number of B.A. programs that is accredited by the CCIE.

Please call to arrange a tour and meeting with an advisor. Bring your family, sit in on classes, and meet our students! Call 501-916-6254 (voice) or 501-246-8335 (video) or email Dr. Meagan Beaty.

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Inclusive Learning Environments

The policy of UA Little Rock and the IEP is to create inclusive learning environments. We strive to adhere to a policy that enables all individuals, regardless of race, color, gender, nation origin, age, sexual orientation, veteran’s status, or disability to study in an environment unfettered by discriminatory behavior or acts. UA Little Rock accommodates students with disabilities in response to federal expectations. The university also has a desire to meet its own commitments to students with disabilities. Please read our solidarity statement and watch the supporting video.

CCIE logo This program has been nationally accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Education since 2011.

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