Sign Language Club (SLK)

The Sign Language Club, also known as Sigma Lambda Kappa (SLK), is a registered student organization with UA Little Rock’s Office of Campus Life student organization, comprised of students taking classes in the Interpretation: ASL/English Program. Many SLK members are working toward and AA degree or BA degree in interpretation. Others are taking American Sign Language classes to satisfy second language requirements at the university.

The purpose of SLK is to provide the UA Little Rock campus with an organization of persons who share a common interest in communication between individuals who are hearing, deaf, deaf-blind, or hard of hearing. This is accomplished through informal social environments and activities that promote interaction on campus and in the community. The organization also promotes “Deaf Awareness” and educational information that will help the public learn about deafness and the language and cultural issues associate with it.

Business meetings are held bi-monthly during the fall and spring semesters. SLK elects a governing board of officers each year and is under the director of a Faculty Advisor. Each semester, SLK sponsors “See-A-Song”, a public relations performance of songs presented in sign language. Students at all levels of language acquisition and community members are encouraged to participate in the performance under the direction of faculty members.

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Updated 06/21/2021