Transfer Students

Transferring to UA Little Rock from other Interpreter Education Programs

The implementation of the Bachelor of Arts degree in 1994 raised the issue of articulation between UA Little Rock’s bachelor’s degree and associate degree programs from other institutions. It became a priority for the UA Little Rock Interpreter Education Program to address the ease with which graduates of other associate degree programs might merge into the bachelor degree program.

Realizing the importance of facilitating a transfer student’s admission process, the faculty developed a procedure whereby each language and interpreting course from other programs is evaluated for its compatibility to UA Little Rock’s courses. Individual courses, specific to the interpretation program of study, are evaluated for content and method. Core course requirements are reviewed by the UA Little Rock Office of Transfer Student Services when a student is admitted, and decisions regarding these course equivalencies are determined by the departments in which the courses are taught. Students considering transferring to UA Little Rock are encouraged to contact the program as soon as they begin their transfer process.

Interpreting or language coursework will be evaluated for articulation on a case-by-case basis on the following criteria:

  1. Curriculum used in the course: Was the curriculum current? Did it coincide with the philosophy of the functional approach to language instruction (ASL classes) embraced by the UA Little Rock Interpreter Education Program?
  2. Method of instruction: Was the method of language instruction conducted without voice? Was ASL taught using ASL?
  3. Course content: Was the course designed to include topics of similar substance to the courses offered at UA Little Rock? Did the student receive sufficient experiential knowledge to succeed in subsequent courses offered in the BA degree program?

Incoming transfer students who do not hold an interpreter credential have the opportunity to take the ASL Placement Test. Contact Dr. Meagan Beaty, Interpreter Education program coordinator, for more information and to schedule a date and time for this exam.