ASL Placement Test

Some students have acquired ASL skills prior to enrolling at UA Little Rock. These students can take the ASL Placement Test (free of charge) to assess their knowledge of and skills in ASL and Deaf Culture. This will determine the appropriate placement in the ASL course sequence. Students who wish to take the placement test are informally pre-screened to determine their viability as candidates for the test.

The test consists of two components:

  1. A written knowledge test
  2. An interview conducted in ASL by at least two program faculty members

At the end of the interview, the program faculty will make a determination as to the best placement for the student in ASL courses based on the student’s performance and expectation for each of the ASL courses.

Once a student completes the recommended course with a “B” or better, they may apply for credit validation. Up to nine hours of credit may be obtained in this manner. All transfer students who do not hold an interpreting credential are required to take the ASL placement test prior to transfer.

Please download and complete the Placement Prescreening form and email it to Dr. Meagan Beaty.

For more information, please contact the School of Counseling, Human Performance, and Rehabilitation (CHPR) at 501-916-6264.