Qualtrics QClassroom

University course evaluations have been centralized under the department of eLearning using the Qualtrics QClassroom survey tool, which issues evaluation surveys for all courses listed on the schedule, regardless of modality or delivery method.

Getting Started

Students: Evaluation surveys are distributed through QClassroom for all courses listed on the academic schedule to enrolled students at the end of each term. Students can find more information on the Blackboard Student Support website about accessing surveys and submitting responses.

Faculty and staff: Survey results are distributed to faculty and staff through the QClassroom results dashboard, where responses can be visualized, filtered, and exported for external use. More information about access to these dashboards can be found on the eLearning website.


The QClassroom tool is used exclusively for distributing evaluation surveys to students in courses listed on the official academic schedule.


All users may contact courseevaluations@ualr.edu with questions or for troubleshooting assistance with the Qualtrics QClassroom system.