Classroom Use and Scheduling

UALR has undertaken an initiative to implement a central location for event, class, and resource management using an event and space booking application, Mazevo. This initiative was divided into three different categories:

  • Event and Resource Management – This phase includes a centralized calendar listing University events with Mazevo. Users can electronically request reservations for listed spaces on campus for events and submit events to be published on the website calendar.
  • Academic Scheduling – The Mazevo application will also be leveraged with course scheduling into classrooms beginning with the Fall 2023 semester. All scheduled academic spaces will be blocked off to avoid user conflicts while reserving spaces. Class scheduling is still done via College Schedulers and Records.
  • Personal Calendaring – Providing faculty, staff, students, and Alumni Association members with an application to store and share personal meetings and activities is the third phase of the master calendar initiative.

The classroom database, formally Astra Scheduling System, has been replaced by Mazevo. All of the information previously found at this site may be found in the new interactive scheduling system.


Mazevo is the interactive scheduling system that coordinates academics, events, and available resources into one functional enterprise-wide system. This tool lets viewers see when and where classes and events are taking place. Users can also request rooms for their meetings from the website, which is mobile-friendly and has an app.

Instructions for use and informational video may be found at Mazevo Knowledge Base.

Classroom Reservation and Use Policy

Found a room that will fit your needs? The next step depends on how you want to use the room.

  • For scheduling a class: Follow normal procedures for scheduling a class in a priority-use classroom.
  • For other academic activities (such as departmental, college, or student association meetings): Contact Records and Registration 501-916-3110 to reserve the room.
  • For non-academic activities, including use by non-UALR entities: View Classroom Use Policies.