Congratulations Dr. Mastin and Dr. Corwyn on the continued world-wide interest in their Sleep Hygiene Index!

We learned this week that the Sleep Hygiene Index (SHI) (Mastin, Bryson, & Corwyn, 2006) is being translated to be used in Iran and Russia. Developed by David Mastin and Robert Corwyn, Professors of Psychology at UALR and Jeff Bryson, Professor of Psychology at Fielding Graduate University, the SHI has also been translated into Hindi, Korean, Formosan Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, and Japanese in addition to Persian and Russian. The SHI is also used widely in the US including at the Johnson NASA Space Center in Houston, TX. Congratulations to David and Robert on the lasting impact of your research!

Mastin, D., Bryson, J, & Corwyn, R., (2006). Assessment of sleep hygiene using the Sleep Hygiene Index. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 29(3), 223-227.
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