Dr. Rachel Tennial

The Department of Psychology is proud to announce that Dr. Rachel Tennial is recognized as a Student Advocate for her outstanding efforts in student academic advancement!

As Assistant Professor for the Department of Psychology, Dr. Tennial devotes much of her time to student development. Due to her hard work and dedication to the students, Dr. Tennial has been recognized as a Student Advocate by the Division of Student Affairs. This news is not surprising to anyone that has worked with Dr. Tennial. Not only does she emphasize the importance of education and participation in the classroom, she also works to provide students with guidance outside of the classroom.

The Division of Student Affairs honored 57 faculty and staff for being Student Advocates. This distinction comes from being named in the surveys taken by graduating seniors who are asked to identify an individual or area in the university was instrumental in their success. To view the full list of recipients, visit the Student Advocate Awards web page.

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