New! Completely Online B.A. in Psychology

In Spring 2018, the Department of Psychology was included in the Online Campus (eLearning.) While the Department has offered many courses online, and continues to do so, only now has it joined the Online Campus. In order to do so, the Department had to prove to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education that the degree could be completed in its entirety (including core classes etc.,) online.


Students who enroll in this degree program are first accepted to the University of Arkansas and go through the Admissions process. They will be accepted as students at the university and declare Psychology as their major. Only then will they be accepted to the Online Campus. Thereafter, students will select courses that are affiliated with the Online Campus. These are usually identified as having a “U” in their course section number. These sections are part of slightly larger classes where students who chose to take *a * class (or several) online,  rather than complete a degree through the Online Campus. The class experience is seamless with both groups working as one.


There are several advantages to completing the degree online, only one of which is that it can be done without physically coming to campus. Even advising is done online (or by phone.) Tuition is lower as well.


For more information, please review the Online Campus website:

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