Global Day of Jewish Learning

Dr. Elisabeth Sherwin was honored with a request to moderate one of the Global Day of Jewish Learning sessions for the Little Rock community. For those not familiar, the Global Day of Jewish Learning started in 2010 to commemorate the 80th birthday of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz. This year the overarching theme was ‘Extraordinary Passages’ with a sub-theme about ‘The Stops Along the Way.’

The discussion was inspired by Moses and the journey through the desert after the Exodus from Egypt. When we go on a journey, such as the journey of Moses and his people, our horizons are broadened and we gain new insight into the world. The community considers Dr. Sherwin a rock star because her insight and communication made it such a meaningful experience.

Dr. Sherwin’s discussion group may have been local, but it was part of a worldwide day of learning! Click on the image below to see all of the events that took place around the globe. For more information about the Global Day of Jewish Learning, visit

Communities worldwide participated in the 2018 Global Day of Jewish Learning. Please note that some communities choose not to make their addresses public, and are not displayed on this map.

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