Being A Work Study Student with the Psychology Department

Being a work study at the Department of Psychology has been a great experience. Not many can say that about their first job. Everyone in the department is very nice and appreciative. When starting here I was a bit nervous because I’m not big on my communication skills, and I knew that as an office assistant I was going to have to do things like answering phone calls and greeting people who walked in. I eventually got a hang of it and part of it has to do with Dr. Sherwin, the head of the department, who was very supportive and would compliment me when I progressed and learned how to settle in. My job includes answering phone calls and questions, filing and scanning documents, opening and closing the office, running errands, and maintaining a clean and neat environment. On slow days when there isn’t much for us work studies to do we’re allowed to study and work on homework which is great and has really helped me in keeping up with my classes. I definitely plan on continuing to work here as long as they’ll have me. Written by Karen Castillo, a current Work Study student and vital asset to the ongoing function of our office.


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