Summer AND Fall Advising, PLUS COVID Updates

Summer and Fall Advising:

  1. Please note that we are currently advising for BOTH Summer and Fall 2020. If you do not include both on your forms, you may be asked to reschedule. 

    1. Face2face advising: If you are only taking classes in only one of the semesters, please let the front office admin know when they check your form upon arrival or let your faculty adviser know when you forward your form for virtual advising (more on this in the next section). 

    2. For online advising, please make a note on your form that you are not planning to take summer or fall classes. 

  2. Your course selection form should be created AFTER you have scheduled a date and time with a faculty member. Then, please be sure to select THAT faculty member from the drop-down menu in the new advising forms (they are embedded into our website.) Forms that are sent to a faculty member with whom you do not have an appointment will not be reviewed.

Course selection form for face2face:

  1. If you reschedule a meeting, please resubmit the form with the updated date to the new faculty member.

  2. No form = No meeting.

How we are responding to the COVID-19 crisis:

  1. Our offices are still open. Please feel free to call if you have questions. Please review our website and follow us on Twitter (@UALRPSYCHOLOGY) as we will keep it as current as possible with updates, links etc.

  2. Advising appointments may be rescheduled to virtual appointments by either the faculty member or the student. 

  3. If you prefer to meet virtually, please let your advisor (the one with whom you have an appointment) know at least 6 hours before the meeting. 

  4. They will send you a link that includes a phone number to call or a link to a video conference.

  5. If your faculty member chooses to move appointments to non-face2face they will send you a link.

  6. Please note: be sure to use your @ualr email for scheduling the appointment. If you do not receive an email confirmation it means you have a typo in the email and it also means we cannot reach you to send a link, give updated information etc.

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