NEW! Payment Plan for Summer


We have wonderful news for summer students that we wanted to share with you! In regards to paying for your tuition for summer, UALR is now offering a 2 installment payment plan that begins May 15, 2020. 

If you are currently registered you will be receiving an email to let you know how this option is available. Additionally, any student who registers after the initial email is sent out, will receive this communication after they register as well.

The first payment will be due May 28th by 5pm (the original due date for tuition) but the second payment is due June 15th if students choose to use the two payment plan option.

For any questions in regards to this plan please reach out to Accounts Payable: 501-916-3318

For any questions in regards to this plan with financial aid please reach out to the Financial Aid office: 501-916-3035 or send them an email at

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